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Friday, April 3, 2015

开10 天免息户口的8大理由

开T+10 股票交易户口的8大理由

1. 在10天内不用支付利息。

2. 可以增加交易额(按照股票行定下之条件)。

3. 如果根据上升趋势作交易,你可以藉此增加赚利。

4. 个人化的亲切服务。

5. 股票行财雄势大,历史悠久。

6. 可以通过互联纲联线,在任何时间任何地点作交易。

7. 每天早晨可以通过电邮向客户寄出最新的资讯

8. 可以布署订单,并可以排定买卖价位长达一个月。

有关其它产品及服务,请上纲www. sjenie. com 查询

 有关T+10 的任何询问,请致电012-6597910

8 Good reasons to open T + 10 Trading Account
 1. You don’t have to pay any interest for the first 10 days.
 2. Increase your trading limit subject to SJ’s terms and conditions
 3. If you were to follow uptrend to trade it will increase your profit margin.
 4. Personalized services.
5. Stability of SJ Securities Sdn Bhd.
 6.  Trade online anytime and anywhere.
7. Informative research materials sent to clients’ email every morning to get them updated of the latest news and updates
8. Schedule and queue your order up to one month ahead at your targeted prices.
For further enquiries and information on other products and services, please log on to
Any enquiries concerning T+10 account, please call 012-6597910

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