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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stock pick for whatsapp seminar group on Dec 27,2016

4. AEMULUS(0181) closed at 0.235

WR hit overbought level if you want to be careful, need to wait for retracement. If you are brave enough, the target of 0.285 is likely to achieve.

The fund has been buying for 12 days already. Banker is recorded at 39%

5. MBSB(1171) closed at 0.915

This target price is 0.96.

wr curved up from neutral level. Banker recorded at 43% Fund has been buying for the last three days

6. Mikro (0112) Closed at 0.505

Likely target 0.525

WR curved up from close to oversold level. fund started to buy today. Banker is recorded at 56%

7. Rhone MA Holding(5278) today closed at 0.985

This is a new listing just hit the market on Dec 19 at 0.82. Banker is recorded at 85% and fund has been buying for the last 5 days. If you are holding the view that since banker is strong and fund has been buying, so they will push the stock further up. However, if you think since fund has been buying for the last five days, they might have exhausted, then you better wait for retracement. Today it hit the high of 1.02 and retrace to close at 0.985 showed that it might retrace further. Is a judgement call for you.

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