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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Zelan(2283)--Construction play?

There is a doji sign on Dec 3, 2010 signaling a play is imminent. The stock was pushed up to 57 cents on Dec 10, 2010.

After a short correction, it started to move again.

The low has started to move upwards as follows:

Dec 16, 0.52
Dec 17, 0.52
Dec 20, 0.515
Dec 21, 0.52
Dec 22, 0.535
Dec 23, 0.555

Of course, you can say the low moved upwards, however, on Dec 23, the closing price has moved downward because the stock was quite hot on Dec 22 and was pushed up to 0.61 but came down to 0.585 on closing. On Dec 23, it seems to have loosed steam and came further down to 0.555.

On Dec 24, can we see a rebound or further correction? Check it out.

On Dec 27, Zelan started to move at 10am at 0.56. As of 3:20 pm, it is priced at 0.595, it has risen to 0.60 earlier. I am right again.

On Dec 30, 2010, Zelan moved to 0.61 this morning. I think this is a trading stock but you need to buy low and sell high. When is low and when is high, if you are in my private class, this will be taught.

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