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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Uchitech--7100 is slow and steady. You can buy slowly and sell slowly

To make money in the stock market is to enter a stock at the right price and at the right timing.

Uchitech's recent lows were 1.28(Aug 9, 2010), 1.29(Aug 13, 2010), 1.35(Aug 25, 2010) and 1.27(Nov 11, 2010)

On Dec 14, 2010, we see a doji sign. Normally when a doji sign appear, the particular stock will surge in one or two days' time.

Can history repeat itself?

This stock closed at the low of 1.31 today.

On Dec 22, 2010, this stock is priced at 1.34 at 3.45pm. This stock is a bit slow but it is quite safe. It has got very good fundamental.

On Dec 23, 2010 at 1.16pm, this stock closed at 1.35, it seems to be moving very slowly but it is moving.

On Dec 23, this stock closed at 1.33. Slow and steady but a lot of people want it faster, like Gadang. But Gadang has been accumulated for quite some time before it really moved.

Dec 27, 2010 at 3:25 pm, this stock is priced at 1.32. This stock is a bit slow but I am sure it will move. When will it move? Well, I think it is any time but it must be at the right time. You just have to buy and wait. Buying is still quite slow. So, wait lah.

Blogger: At 4.11, market is down, Uchitec is 1.34, up 2 cents. ok.ok.

Dec 28, 2010 at 10:43am, Uchitec is 1.32. Market is up but this stock still lack steam. If you have bought, just wait. It is a matter of time, still in the accumulation stage.

Uchitec(7100)is priced at 1.29. Today is ex-date for interim dividend 5 sen T.E. Yesterday price was 1.33, today's price has already been adjusted.

Today is Dec 30, 2010. Uchitec is priced at 1:30 at 12:30pm. Because of the dividend, the price has been adjusted. Yesterday closing was 1.29. RSI is recorded at 38.03 % still trending downward. Nov 11's low was 1.27 and after that it was pushed back to 1.37 within 12 trading days.

At the time of writing, it is only done 4000 shares, meaning the volume is not enough to push up the stock. You will have to have patience. If you can see 400,000 shares of volume, there will be another round.

At this time, if you were to buy, you need to prepare to hold for at least 12 trading days but guarantee because the existing volume cannot push up the stock. It means the market is not interested in this stock at least at the moment.

In case you don't know, this stock is making 26 million profit in 2009. It is making profit all these while. 2005 made 73 million, 2006 made 83 million, 2007 made 78 million, 2008 made 58 million.

This is a good company, safe and the price will move slowly and you will have the chance to buy and to sell.

If a stock's price moved up too fast, it is the operator who can make money, the general public would find difficulty in catching the price and end up losing money.

Supposing the volume suddenly appear and if you buy 10,000 at 1.30 and the stock moved to 1.37 and you dispose, your profit is RM 503.79. Not so great, but the return is 3.88%, maybe just 12 trading days, better than the FD. FD you need to wait for one year. This is the beauty of investing in the stock market.

If you can wait longer, it probably will challenge 1.45 and that is the price recorded on Aug 20, 2010.

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